…is that no one advertises through them.

Urinal Advertising in other countries

There’s been a craze in the past 2 years about innovations and tapping new markets. I just want to differentiate for a bit and point to tapping new spaces. One advantage in tapping these new spaces is you don’t compete with existing spaces, and you get full attention of people because they’ve never paid any attention to it before. And no, I don’t mean Social Media–it’s such a huge bandwagon everyone’s trying to enter now.

Some good executions today are:

* Sides of train and buses
* Decals on cars
* Above urinals in comfort rooms

What about other spots we usually don’t look at, or don’t like looking at?

* Urinals themselves
* Toilet bowls
* Table tops
* Plates and other eating utensils
* Backs of chairs (inside and outside)
* The floor (yes, the floor)
* Movie credits

The second to the last I realized when I was envisioning this certain event. The floor was such an underutilized space. Imagine if you were able to place something on the floor that was visually engaging–people would look down for it, remember it and participate in it.

The last spot I realized when I watched Thor. People excitedly waited for the end of the credits because of the teaser/epilogue. There was a lot of black space there. (side note: Let’s face it, people won’t get to read every single name there, but the act of staying after a movie to sit through the credits is a way of giving honor to the team behind the movie.) Placing stuff there would get them to glance at something that might mean something to them.

It might cost less, too.


Check out this awesome movie on advertising, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.