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Managers and companies, by nature, are usually fair to their people (play along, I know it’s not always true). We all get the same treatment, benefits, evaluations, raises. Read the rest of this entry »


My (now) ex boss asked me earlier: “So how does it feel, leaving your first job?”
I corrected her, “My first company, you mean? This is my third job in this company.”

To put it simply, it’s like a breakup. Read the rest of this entry »

I was told that settling is the worst thing I can do to forward my career. I agree. A lot of us experience this temptation daily, especially when we become contented with our work (and the pay). I believe that we should keep growing and keep looking towards the next step in our career. As long as we’re not interested in our work, at least.
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Innovation is such a big buzz word nowadays. New age leaders claim it’s the what will keep companies afloat in this time and age. In the last year, so many leaders, writers and thinkers have used the word as often as they brush their teeth at night. Even I’m guilty of it (I brush my teeth every night).
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Quitters are losers

I was always afraid to quit. For me, quitting was never an option. Quitting made me feel like I disappointed myself and the other people around me who were expecting me to succeed. But I’m sure it’s not just me who felt that way. I’m sure you’ve had trouble quitting, too.

The good news is, it’s not our fault. Quitting has never been easy for us in our society. Since childhood, we were taught to never give up. We were always given the examples of people who never gave up on their dreams, reaping countless blessings as their reward for persevering. The adage “try and try until you die” shows our mindset as a society–that quitting is for losers.

It’s no surprise that quitting makes us feel guilty.
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First jobs are meant to be just that – first jobs. Some earn horrible income, some get banged up a bit, some get both. Others are lucky to find first jobs they like, others are luckier to find first jobs that add a good line or two on their resumes. But these don’t really last. And they shouldn’t.
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One night, while viewing Incubus videos on YouTube, I found many comments about how people hate their current musical direction. A lot of people, even friends who were avid fans of the band prior to 2003, now do not like Incubus’ musical style. What really got me thinking is how some people wanted Incubus to still sound like they did 7 years ago. Read the rest of this entry »

In all the books I’ve read about business and leadership I found one common theme — be willing to learn.

This had always been just a generic lesson to me, but now I understand more than ever how important it is to keep wanting to learn. Losing the drive to learn has very scary results. One result that I’ve found is that in the workplace, people who stop learning are the ones who end up getting trapped in a routine.
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I recently moved to a new job within the same company and this is how it happened.

Luck was on my side. If there is a God, then he’s blessed me. Or perhaps the Tao made me flow along right path. Or maybe the vast ocean of life pushed me towards the sky. Or, pragmatically, maybe hard work really just pays off.

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