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Who says we can’t be entrepreneurs while working for a company?

Entrepreneur’s common traits: owns something fully, loses sleep, time and money working on things, brings personal belongings to work, will do everything to make sure the project launches.

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What is a skill? It is something we pick up from doing work. Something that we can specialize in. Examples are typing really fast. Or coming up with a kickass, interactive, alluring presentation in the form of a Marketing Plan or Business Case. It is a result in itself.

What is a competency? It is our ability to do something, something we are good at. Examples are being good at handling people, or being good at synergy (like a baws) and integrating things into a solid idea. It is not necessarily a result in itself, but it leads to quality results. Read the rest of this entry »

Managers and companies, by nature, are usually fair to their people (play along, I know it’s not always true). We all get the same treatment, benefits, evaluations, raises. Read the rest of this entry »

A way to honor your partners is to give them feedback.

I remember the first time I had to say no to a potential business partner. It took me half of my day to make the email, I even consulted with my boss and our COO about what to say. After quite a number of rejections, now I get it. Read the rest of this entry »

My (now) ex boss asked me earlier: “So how does it feel, leaving your first job?”
I corrected her, “My first company, you mean? This is my third job in this company.”

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Gaming allows us to enter worlds that don’t exist. It becomes an engaging hobby that encourages the hero in each of us to come out. But what if all we know about gaming is actually the opposite?

What if in-game characters were addicted into logging in to real life? Here’s a funny video on this game:

World of Workcraft.

Hope this gets us over the midweek hump! Happy Humpday!

Sometimes to get out of a rut while working, we forget work and we play, supposedly to reset our minds and focus. There’s nothing wrong with playing, but there may be a right way to play.
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In Part 1, I wrote about having chunks of productive time during your workday. And to show that you don’t need to be working for a full 8 hours, in Part 2, I wrote about how to maximize your zone times. But life isn’t always fair and sometimes you have to get work done for some annoying client or your boss at your lowest points of the day.
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In part 1 of this series, I said that it’s okay to be unproductive for a chunk of your day, but at the end of your day, you should always have accomplished something. How do you do that if you’re unproductive at some parts of your day? Read on.


When do you work best? Morning, afternoon, evening? Take a minute to find out when you’re most productive. Find our zone. This will be the foundation of this post.

The best way to be productive during your zone is to work towards your strengths. Schedule your work and/or thinking time during the times when you feel most in the zone. Do menial tasks or firefighting when you’re not in your zone. That way you reserve your best efforts to the things that actually create better things. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s all a matter of perspectives. Not perspective, but perspectives.

There are more lights when more windows are open.

The key to being a better teacher is to take the perspectives of the teacher, the student, the admin and the dean. That gives a whole new meaning to teaching.

The key to being a better student is to take the perspectives of the student, the teacher, your parents, your classmates and your seniors. That gives a whole new meaning to learning.
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