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I had two very different experiences of customer service today.

The first was at today’s office of choice: a coffee shop in SM Megamall, Blenz. It was my first time there, but based on the service, I’ll be there more often. One barista patiently pointed out to me where the sample cup sizes were, despite my total blindness. Another patiently recommended muffins to me, asked if I wanted them heated, explained their WiFi policy and remembered my name. And greeted me before I left.

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Every company that offers a product or a service is simplifying it. That’s the trend. The less details to fill out, the better. The more sleek the design, the better. It’s all about reducing the value chain and making things faster and easier to be consumed.

Think of it as decluttering, too

The easier for potential consumers to use our product/service the sooner we can try and convert them to be loyal. And when they become loyal, they become immersed in what we have to offer, reading and finding out everything they can about our product. But that’s only a few of the thousands or millions that buy our product or sign up for our service. What happens to most of those who don’t become loyal?

Information Blackout

They’re left in the dark. Read the rest of this entry »