Instapaper is a website that allows you to save web articles to read later. It conveniently provides you with a bookmark link that you can click each time you see a website that you don’t have time to read.

When you click the link, you can log in to (or use their Android/iOS app) and read the article through there. It saves the website in its most basic form–just photos and text, so you can’t really view any videos or slideshows embedded on it.

It’s a great idea, considering we have information overload nowadays and we’re all trying to resist the urge to keep reading blogs while working.

What’s in it for Instapaper? The way I see it, they have powerful data–being able to know which websites are being “Read Later” all the time. What kind of articles do people want to “Read Later”? How many words are in the article? How far below the fold is the article? How long before the user clicked “Read Later”?

This gives a powerful insight to marketers about how you can compete for the limited attention span of a person, OR create your website to always be Read Later, as it is an untapped space. Sometimes being Read Later may be better, because you capture more attention when readers willing to give it.

Instapaper has that data. And they told us they might sell it (check out their Privacy Policy on How They Use Information). Genius.