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What is a skill? It is something we pick up from doing work. Something that we can specialize in. Examples are typing really fast. Or coming up with a kickass, interactive, alluring presentation in the form of a Marketing Plan or Business Case. It is a result in itself.

What is a competency? It is our ability to do something, something we are good at. Examples are being good at handling people, or being good at synergy (like a baws) and integrating things into a solid idea. It is not necessarily a result in itself, but it leads to quality results. Read the rest of this entry »


Payday is always a wondrous thing at work. It’s something that students definitely have to experience.

It’s easy to tell when payday strikes. Usually people are livelier, more upbeat. They have this weightless aura around them, because they know they have something to spend. People are usually budgeting if they aren’t already shopping.

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