You’ve probably given your car keys to the valet to avoid the hassle of parking. You were happy about it, until you had to wait twenty minutes for them to get your car.

Parking is a hassle.

Lots of people bring their cars to valet and pay more because of the convenience–it’s a brilliant idea, actually. Have someone else park it for you. But I’ve noticed in many valet carparks, even hotels, that it takes at least twenty minutes for the valet guys to bring up your car, because of the sheer number of people have avail of the service.

And you just wait. And waste time. While standing up.

This got me thinking: How about a halfway valet? Pay half price (or 60-70%) if you want to do halfway valet. Either you give it upon parking and you claim it yourself, or you park it yourself and have it brought over to you.

– You cut your supply chain by 50% at 70% of the revenue.
– The staff handle each car less, decreasing the risk for accidents per car. Of course you can expect more cars to take this service, so more cars will come, which increases the risk, too.
– You don’t have to rent a whole parking lot, so there are less costs. Just make sure you tell the owner the right parking slot.
– Best of all (especially if you own the carpark), the carpark has less traffic and more people can park, because cars are parked and moved out quicker.

What do you think?