Sometimes to get out of a rut while working, we forget work and we play, supposedly to reset our minds and focus. There’s nothing wrong with playing, but there may be a right way to play.

What do you do when you play? Do you literally play games? A PSP break? A Facebook break? A HoN break? Playing is all about fun, but we all know that playing is a double-edged sword. It can make us better people or it can make us hooked and totally unproductive. There’s another kind of playing that I like to do when I feel stuck.

I like to play with ideas. I chat up a friend who’s available, I brainstorm on my own, I mindmap, I read blogs or I watch thought-provoking videos, like those on That kind of play can not only refresh your mind, but also jumpstart it.

I actually did this mindmap.

Think of your mind as a bonfire, and think of the ideas as food. You have to keep cooking them. Playing is the same as fanning the flames. When you decide to blow the fire, don’t overdo it enough to kill it, blow enough to keep it going stronger.

Here are some sites to play with:

TED – Where great thinkers share ideas.
The99percent – Lots of great tips and ideas for work.
Behance – The company behind The99Percent
OpenIDEO – An online collaboration platform where lots (I mean it) of ideas come together
Steve Scott site – on Online businesses and blogging
New Media PH – Lots of news on gadgets, work tips, advertising awesomeness and Social Media updates from the PH
Fast Company – Innovation news
mnmlist – Short for minimalist. Must see.
zenhabits – Same author of the mnmlist blog.
Productivity501 – All about Productivity.
Uncluttered White Spaces – Great thought provoking posts.
yay! everyday – Great inspiration for visual artists.
Randell Tiongson’s Blog – Personal Finance guru from the PH.
Dennis Sy’s blog – Christian advice from Victory Christian Fellowship’s pastor.
Thammie Sy’s blog – A great and inspiring blog about a mom and her family.

Happy work week, all!