We all have our own private (or not so private) New Year’s Resolutions. How long is yours? I’m just making mine, and this is my guide in making my list. This year, I’ve decided to follow a simple mantra: “Less is More”. I’ve decided to stop making lists that span on to item # 35, learn a new language, and end with #50, I will lose 20 more pounds in addition to weight loss resolutions # 3, 19 and 27.

Sometimes, less makes us appreciate the white space.

After reading all those blogs on productivity, it’s about time I tried what I’ve been sharing all 2010. I won’t be sharing my full list, but I’ll be sharing some stuff that can the mantra can be applied to:

1) Less hobbies – a lot of us are guilty of this, especially us gamers. We tend to want to play everything, and we tend to end up not doing more productive things.
2) Less unneeded expenses – take out a Starbucks coffee a week and see if you get withdrawal symptoms from not having your sacred Venti drink. I’m willing to bet that you won’t.
3) Less meetings – let’s face it, we need to get work done. Meetings don’t always help to get work done, unless they’re working meetings, which take more than an hour. Less waste, more work done.
4) Less emails – we don’t need to be cc’ed in everything. We don’t need to stamp our approval on everything.
5) Less business deals – especially for companies with limited resources, focus on the ones that will give you the best return on investment, whether the investment is effort, time or money.
6) Less food – the most effective way to maintain weight.

The bottomline of having less is, we end up doing more. Do you really need that Kindle, iPad, Blackberry phone, PS3, Apple TV, iPhone 4, PSP in your collection? We only have 2 eyes and 2 hands that can focus on 1 gadget at a time. Have less and you get to spend more time with each of your gadgets.

Computer desktops and real desktops are the same

Some stuff that’ll be on my list:

1) Less games – I took an extreme route and totally removed all games from my system. Now I’ve been like a starved vulture and my attention is spread out too thin.
2) Less unproductive things – I’ve decided to be more focused at work. The easiest thing to do is say no. I also plan to have less stuff on my workstation. The less stuff, the more space.
3) Less readings – I follow too many blogs. I have too many unread RSS feeds in my Mail app, and I end up marking them all as read. Being a wide reader makes one a wide thinker, but if it’s too wide, nothing will fit.

Thanks to zenhabits, mnmlist, The 99 Percent, Uncluttered White Spaces and Seth Godin for inspiring me to keep focused, do less and achieve more. Here’s to a great 2011 for all of us.


Tip: try not to share your resolutions for this year. You may strive harder to achieve them, says Derek Sivers on TED.com.