Last Saturday afternoon, I attended a Personal Branding Seminar by two of my friends, Randell Tiongson and Carlo Ople. I’m writing about it not because I want to give a testimony saying “It’s the real deal”, that’s like a scam testimony; I’m writing because I want to share what I learned from it.

Randell discussed the theory behind social branding, saying that it’s a not just a matter of self-improvement, but also a matter of self-packaging, to be able to distinguish yourself from the rest. However, to do so, we must self-improve and work on our competencies. And to find our competencies, we have to find our passion. That’s actually the trickiest part, at least for me. What I do know, through my own reading and by my own experiences, is that our passions will always lie with our strengths. It’s very natural for us to love what we do well. The book Strengths Finder 2.0 was mentioned twice by both speakers in this afternoon’s seminar. I also think that book is also essential to finding out what we want to do.

A key perspective into understanding personal branding is believing that we are our own corporations/entrepreneurs. We have to know that we are empowered, by our own right, to change the way we want others to perceive us.

Carlo went on to share tips on using what our generation is blessed with, namely, technology and the internet. The basic point was that the internet and social media allows us to control and fully brand ourselves the way we want to be seen. And he offered proven ways to do so, basing it on his own success story as a blogger-turned-super-Internet-dude. Blogging, Twitter and Facebook offer exponential results via networks: as one person shares your blog entry, his/her 600 contacts are opened up to your content, and if another one of those shares, then it’s another 600 people who are exposed to your entry.

All in all, I (re)learned that I have to find my passion and pursue it, using these tools to my advantage. If they have another seminar on this, try attending. Find out who you are and show others why you stand out more than the rest.