I’ve just been very busy recently, so I haven’t been able to write as often as I want. I’m working on (too) many things at work, and working on things outside work, too.

I’m now multitasking more than I ever have, in my whole life. Emphasis on the Massively Multitasking in the blog title, then. Lol.

One thing I really learned to value now is time–unlike money or other resources, you unfortunately can’t find any more of it. And if you take some from sleep (which I’ve been doing), you either get sick or end up looking like a raccoon. I’m in between, but more of the raccoon. Not to mention you become sub par during the day that follows. Well, while I work on my massively multitasking office role, feel free to a) read all my entries in this blog, b) email me comments about the blog, c) email me and talk about ideas. As much as I’d enjoy a & b, c is really something I love doing.