I’m excited to share this other book I recently purchased, Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath. I’m excited about this book for two reasons: 1) its content, and 2) what the publisher did with the book.

A great book!


The company behind the book studied hundreds of thousands of people and was able to determine 34 common talents. The book only has a short introductory chapter and the rest is a directory of the 34 talents that they synthesized.

Its basic premise is that sometimes we keep ourselves too focused on improving our weaknesses, when we should be focusing on playing to our strengths. I briefly discussed this in an earlier post (The Power of Quitting). The book explains that the time it takes to improve our weaknesses may have been spent instead on playing to our strengths, which could yield double or even ten fold results. This premise was the introductory chapter. What a powerful introductory chapter!

What excites me more is the next part of the book.

Book Part II

The next part of the book contains the real value that we pay for. The book contains a sealed flap with an access code. This code allows the book owner to take the online test to assess his or her talents. (Just a reminder, if you plan to buy this book, make sure the flap is sealed and the code isn’t scratched!)

So we take the test online and they give us our results. But they don’t just stop there. They also give us tools and suggestions on how to play to them. They create a personalized guide, and an action plan! Talk about value for the reader.

So why am I so excited? Through this test and the guides and action plans for each person, they are able to communicate more personally to us, their market. Even though it’s done online and through an automated process, we still feel special because we feel that they made something just for us.

To be honest, I don’t think the introductory chapter was worth the cost (it cost around Php 899). Reading the directory of talents is useless if you don’t know which are yours. But put together the different parts and you get a much, much bigger whole. Gestalt at work. I see this book instead, not as a book, but as a psych test, which can easily cost more than Php 899!

Is this good for the company? It’s like they’re giving a test away for a cheap price.

Actually the way I see it, this book benefits them in a HUGE way. For each person who takes their test, their database builds up, they get more data, which can help them improve on their research!

They share their research, make it personal for the consumer, earn from the test and build up their database for future research. When they publish their next book with better findings, this cycle repeats, because people will want to know about the new discoveries. I don’t know about you, but I think this is one of the most sustainable and innovative business models I’ve come across.

I’m not endorsing them, but I think this is another book that is worth the cost. I’d lend you mine, but it’s not the same.