One night, while viewing Incubus videos on YouTube, I found many comments about how people hate their current musical direction. A lot of people, even friends who were avid fans of the band prior to 2003, now do not like Incubus’ musical style. What really got me thinking is how some people wanted Incubus to still sound like they did 7 years ago.

Do we really want the same old stagnant band? Do we want to keep hearing the same style? I’m sure Incubus themselves would be tired of playing the same songs and same style.

The same is true for our careers and our lives. Do we just want to keep staying at jobs that offer no room for growth or learning? Do we really just want to cruise along and earn our pay?

It’s important that we never lose our hunger for growth and learning. Once we get stagnant, our minds deteriorate. Once we get comfortable, we forget the hundreds of opportunities for us out there.

What are things we can do to keep hungry? Personally, I like to keep looking up and out there. Up and out there, there’s something better. There’s someone doing better. There’s a better job. There’s someone living a more comfortable life. There’s someone who can fund his/her own passions. Set a target, reach it and look for a new one.

It’s not just about being purely dissatisfied. It’s also not about being envious of others. It’s about wanting to maximize our potential and pushing ourselves to keep succeeding. It’s about leaving your comfort zone, being discontented, and overcoming the discontentment to find something better. Thus, I believe that when we strive for success, we don’t compete with other people—we compete only with ourselves.

And I’ll be honest—as a competitor, I’m harsh on myself.