Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s enjoying their holidays.

I have high hopes for 2010. I believe 2010 is a year of dividends. Here’s why:

I have this theory that things change for the better on the 3rd year. In college, for example, we get the really interesting majors in 3rd year. Or at work, the 3rd year is usually the time when we take huge steps in our career, whether we resign and change careers or get that promotion that we have worked hard for.

I was out this afternoon with my good friend, Carlo, and I asked him what happened to him in his 3rd year in his Marketing career. He said it was the year he became a Marketing Manager. I got excited at his reply, of course, because it reinforced my theory. He was quick to mention, though, that it should come with hard work. I agreed.

Here’s my theory:
First year: Get familiar with the office and with work (Familiarity)
Second year: Keep practicing work and doing it to the best that you can. Eventually you’ll tire out and want to do more, so; (Practice)
Third year: Move on to another job, because you have already strengthened your foundation from your previous job. (Mastery)

My belief is that it’s when you move on to another job that makes your third year a breakout year. Not only does your third year reward you with dividends, it also allows you to begin a new three-year cycle.

Well, maybe my theory is biased, but 2010 is my third year at work. And I can honestly feel that something good will happen. I feel that this is the year I will learn more and grow further. I feel that this is the year I can have a greater impact on the company. My mantra is, “2010 is my year.”

But we’re all in this together. Whether it’s our third year at our first jobs, second jobs or third jobs, third year in college or high school, third year in our new business venture, this is our breakout year. The hard work we’ve put in for the past two years will pay dividends this year. I’ve re-worded my mantra to share it with everybody.

So say it with me: “2010 is ours!”