I recently moved to a new job within the same company and this is how it happened.

Luck was on my side. If there is a God, then he’s blessed me. Or perhaps the Tao made me flow along right path. Or maybe the vast ocean of life pushed me towards the sky. Or, pragmatically, maybe hard work really just pays off.

Why did I consider myself lucky? I got 3 job offers from 3 departments in 3 weeks. Of the three, two were from departments I was really interested in. The other was a promotion within my department. About week later, I received another job offer from another department. I got four in a month.

I got very lucky. But I think luck can be caused, too. Why? Two things: First, I just worked and pushed myself to excel without thinking that people would notice. But apparently, they did. Second and more importantly, I expressed interest. Nothing happens without any action. I talked with my boss(es) more than once. I talked with different department heads and expressed interest in their departments.

This is why I think everyone should be pro-active in searching for their opportunities. A good friend of mine, Carlo Ople, wrote about being proactive in looking for career opportunities. Of course, I made sure I had something good to bank upon. And I think it’s my drive to learn, the passion to succeed and the attitude of never being contented with what I have.

I feel lucky. And I had more to do with it than I think.